Advisory Scheme

Do you have an idea for a social-skate project?

As well as our ongoing work with young people in Palestine, SkatePal offers free support and advice to other skate-charities who work with different communities around the world. 

Check out some of the great organisations that have been set up by previous SkatePal volunteers, and if you're interested in setting up your own community-based skateboarding project, drop us a line:

Pushing Boarders

In Summer 2018, SkatePal partnered with Long Live Southbank and Re-verb Skateboarding to organise Pushing Boarders - the first international skateboarding conference in London. 

The event included a panel discussion titled 'Globally Stoked: The Skate Charity Movement', which charted the history of the skate-charity sector, and offered the audience advice on how to set-up their own organisation.

SkatePal Founder Charlie Davis joined hosts Will Ascott and Ruby Mateja (Free Movement Skateboarding), who spoke alongside panelists Oliver Percovich (Skateistan), Arne Hilerns (Make Life Skate Life) and Tobias Egelkamp (Skate Aid). 

Watch the full talk below:

As part of our work with Pushing Boarders, we also worked closely with Skateistan to create the Pushing Boarders x Skateistan Survey: the first public survey on social skate projects worldwide

The survey was open to anyone involved in a skateboarding-for-good initiative, and received 119 responses from more than 100 organisations across 31 countries.

The results are currently being documented, and will be anonymised and shared publicly, providing insightful data to demonstrate the reach and influence of these projects around the worldwide.