SkatePal relies on donations to keep running! 

All the money we make goes straight back into supporting the skate-scene in Palestine and keeping SkatePal running. This includes building and repair costs for our skateparks, purchasing skateboards and safety equipment for our lessons, and the general day to day running of the charity. 

Here are some examples of how we use your money:

"The occupation has bred a feeling of powerlessness for Palestinians. Skateboarding offers an opportunity to redirect some of that frustration into a different energy, one that is creative and cathartic in nature. This is why skateboarding rules."

Kristi Sanders, SkatePal volunteer. California 

Donate via Just Giving

We collect donations via our Just Giving page, which allows us to make an extra 25% on each donation at no extra cost to you! Just select 'Yes, add Gift Aid' when giving your donation. 

If you are looking at this page and considering donating, then you're already doing something great.