We are currently accepting applications for male and female volunteers to teach skateboarding in Palestine between March and October 2017.

Teach & Learn

We offer one and two month placements at our skatepark in Asira Al-Shamaliya. Help us support and empower young people and experience Palestine through skateboarding!

"Sometimes making friends is hard, but skateboarding makes it easy - all the skateboarders around the world are a family."

Amr A Khoury, 17. Ramallah

Interested in volunteering with SkatePal? Eleven year old Basma has a message for you! Watch the video below:

For more information and to receive your application form, please email: info@skatepal.co.uk

'Don’t hesitate for a second!! Try and find the time because it was one of the best things I’ve ever done'

Bella Warley, SkatePal volunteer, UK.

Want to know what it's like to volunteer with SkatePal? Check out this recent interview with volunteers Kristi Sanders & Bella Warley,